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The Little Big Mosters Teaser Poster and background

Director: Ng Yuen Fai (Ko Fai)

Ko Fai- founder of FATFace Production Ltd , as many films visual effects production guidance and digital visual effects , he is responsible for the film include Hong Kong, China and Taiwan , the works are: <Re-Cycle> , <The Warlords > , <The Silver Valley>, <Painted Skin > , <The Storm Warriors>, and in order to make high-quality computer graphics in the film and advertising industry break their places . 2016 He moved to the post of movie director , will certainly bring a high standard of work.


Background: Ching lives in a remote village where adults have left and only the elderly remain to look after the children. Ching holds a grudge against his father who has abandoned him. In one of his ventures into the woods, he is rescued by the snow monster. Ching tries to hide the snow monster in the village. When the pressures of life, work and love in the adult world begin to make an impact on Ching, he begins to understand his father a bit more. Can Ching and the snow monster beat the man-eating monster and the village chief who’s bent on destroying traditional culture? A self realization of growing up is a true grown up.