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About One Cool Group:
One Cool Group Limited is a fast-growing company exquisitely equipped for the film industry. Our philosophy is "Visionary in Creativity, Strive for Diversity". Filmmaking is our core business, with future expansion in related area. One Cool Group Limited is one of the leading film enterprises in Asia.

The Group aims to provide a full-ranged service including project development, film financing, production, postproduction and distribution, sound and visual effects, film promotion and artist management. As a diversified content provider, we are able to tailor our services to advocate both traditional culture in filmmaking and the new form of entertainment.

One Cool’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong with its affiliated companies over Asia, covering Mainland China, Thailand and South Korea. One Cool’s team is gathered with top experts and professionals from the field, talents with solid experience in film business and devoted to bring in new "Scene" to the Asian audience and market.

About One Cool Film:
Founded in 2013, One Cool Film Production Limited is a multifaceted movie investment and production company. The company has produced "Golden Chicken SSS", "Naked Ambition 3D", "12 Golden Ducks", "Triumph in the Skies", "Little Big Master", "Wild City", "Get Outta Here", "Lazy Hazy Crazy", and "Keeper of Darkness". Upcoming projects include "Virtus", "MEOW", "Storm Cloud", "Hercules Xue", "The Mighty Palms of Tathagata", "The Little Big Monsters", and "Back to the Past". Films to be released in 2016 include "Love Revolution", "Sisterhood"(working title), "Heartfall Arises" and "Line Walker", etc.

One Cool Group

Visionary in Creativity, Strive for Diversity

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